M/s Supreme Tool Company was incorporated in the year 1960. It was a sick unit when it was taken over in the year 1976 by the present management. The unit found profitable under the leadership of Mr. C. N. Ramanna and the present management by investing funds, new machines, technology and managerial skills.

The management had focused it’s vision of the manufacture of precision components for automobile industries, Energy meter manufacturers, Medical Equipment, ATM Machine manufacturer, telecommunication equipments manufacturers and electronic fencing security parts, Agricultural implements and other general engineering sheet metal and PVC insulation components. PCB Profile Blanking Tools, Caul Plates & Seperator Plates are also being developed for PCB manufacturer.

The Company designs and develops the Tools, Jigs and Fixtures required for in-house manufacture of the components required by the customers.

The management has improved the production and sales from Rs.5 Lakhs during the year 1976 to the present level of Rs.125 Lakhs per annum. Number of employees are also increased. Technology made it possible to manufacture. Follow on Tools/Multistage Tools, Compound Tools from simple press tools.

Precision Inspection Instruments and gauges are used to produce high quality components. Customer provided gauges are also used to measure critical characteristic observed on drawing.

The company has got ISO 9001-2000 certification for Quality Management System since last 6 years and plan to improve the sales turnover steadily, consistently satisfying the customers and continuously improving the processes and quality.

The Company makes conscious effort each and every time to satisfy the customer by meeting or excelling the requirements including delivery schedules. Continuous improvements are planned and achieved in the quality management through combined effort of all the employees.
ISO Certification